Dream of: 04 February 2000 "Celebrity Party"

The remodeling job on the Gallia County Farmhouse was almost complete. I had been helping with the project, mostly supervising, and I was directing some workers making some final repairs. In particular, I was concerned about a place where the ceiling seemed to be sagging on the east side of the House, allowing some air to blow in. I showed one of the workers how the ceiling needed to be pushed back up.

In order to celebrate the completion of the work, a party had been planned, and people were already beginning to arrive and gather outside on the east lawn. I walked outside, to see who was here, and soon became absorbed in what I saw. Almost everyone was a movie star. As I circulated among the movie people, I reflected that I had never been at a party full of celebrities like this, and I began taking note of whom I saw, so I could later tell my friends who had been at the party.

I first noticed Bette Midler; she was walking around with her prominent beaming smile. She had recently finished making a movie in which she had portrayed Marilyn Monroe, and she still seemed to be acting somewhat like Marilyn. Dressed in a long black dress, at one point she turned to the crowd and pulled her top down and exposed one of her breasts. She was known for exposing herself in public like this and seemed to enjoy shocking people with the action.

I was particularly impressed with everyone's attire; my clothes seemed so drab and ordinary in comparison. A group of people dressed in black leather especially stood out. They were marching along in several rows of about five people per row. After they paraded past me, a man on a black horse came galloping through. Next to him, riding another smaller horse, sat a small boy, not more than five years old. As the two horses raced past, the man reached out, grabbed the boy, and pulled him onto the larger horse. The scene was exciting and appeared to be a re-enactment of a scene from a recent movie.

These Hollywood parties were certainly festive, far different from the normal dull parties which I had attended in my life. It was so interesting to see all the different actors and actresses, to try and remember what movies they had been in and whether they had won any Oscars.

Jack Nicholson made a splash, dressed in a long fur coat. He seemed larger and more noticeable than the others as he circulated through the throng, passing out food. When he stepped up to me, he had a spoonful of something which looked like potato salad which he offered to me. Since I didn't have anything in which to put the offering, I held out my hand and he dished the pasty substance into it.

Once again I began walking around, looking at the stars and their showy clothing. Even Danny DeVito, who was dressed in simple white pants and a pink pullover shirt, seemed impressive. He was standing over to the side, busily digging a hole in the ground. I somewhat confused him with the actor Joe Pesci, thinking he had played in the movie Goodfellas, and that he had won an Oscar for his role in that movie. I tried to remember what other movies DeVito had been in.

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