Dream of: 03 January 2000 "If They Were Only Free"

I had recently arrived in Russia, in the northern frozen region where few people lived. I had studied a map, and knew I was near a large river, which had been boldly outlined in blue on the map. I looked around for the river, but from where I was standing, I couldn't see it. However, I knew the river was nearby.

Young men and women (in their 20s) were standing not far from me. They all seemed to be dancing, and when I listened, I could hear rock and roll music in the background. I also began dancing along with the music, thoroughly enjoying myself, and I soon had my eye on a young blonde Russian woman (about 20 years old) dancing with the others. I would like to get to know her; she and the others seemed so lively, but I felt sorry for them, since I knew they lived under a repressive government. I said to someone near me, "If they were only free."

The music stopped. Someone began playing another song which I recognized as "The Hurdy Gurdy Man." I didn't like the song; it was much too slow and it didn't lend itself to dancing. I wanted something faster which I could dance to.

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