Dream of: 02 January 2000 "New Job"

A woman, who had come to visit Carolina and me, had offered me a job. She had owned a kitten for six months, and she now needed someone to take care of it. She offered to pay me one dollar an hour to keep the kitten for her while she was working. At first the idea seemed ludicrous to me. Who would work for one dollar an hour? But after I thought a little more about the proposition, I was more interested. If I kept the kitten for 40 hours every week, I would have an extra $40 for doing practically nothing. I figured taking care of the kitten should be no problem at all.

The woman had the kitten with her and allowed me to hold it. It was quite pretty, coal black with a few white spots. It was frisky and playful, an adorable little creature. I would probably enjoy taking care of it. I could take it with me wherever I went. I had another job at someone's house, and I could just take the kitten along with me there. The only problem was that the woman told me I wouldn't be able to leave the kitten alone, because it could become quite destructive if no one was with it. Having the kitten with me all the time might be a bit cumbersome, but I still thought I could handle it.

As we had been talking, sitting on the couch, I had been examining the woman (probably in her early 30s). She was quite attractive, although a bit chubby. I had the definite impression that she was attracted to me, and that I could easily take her to bed. I was interested. I suggested to her that she and I go to a restaurant and talk a little more about the job. If we could get out of the house and away from Carolina, I could make my play at the restaurant. I even began thinking of how I could approach her. Maybe I would just lay my hand on hers as we were sitting at the table.

She stood up to leave and I followed her out of the room. As she walked along in front of me, I noticed that her dark green skirt was slit right up the back, and that she was wearing no underwear underneath. Her rear was completely exposed. I was more interested than ever, and now I anticipated no problems in getting her to the bed.

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