Dream of: 01 January 2000 "My Past Has Flown Me By"

I was standing on the front porch of the home of a woman whom I had come to visit. She and I had known each other for quite a while and had become friends. In the past, she had asked me many times to come and visit her, but I never had – until now. Even though the woman was attractive, I had never been much interested in her. However, in just the past few days, I had undergone some serious changes, changes which I wanted to discuss with the woman.

When she stepped out on the porch to meet me, she started talking about some of the phone conversations which we had had in the past. She brought up one particular conversation, and said, "I remember that night you read you were my ideal."

I recalled the conversation, I recalled the words, but I really was unsure what I had meant. However, I thought what the woman was saying tied in with what I now wanted to say. I wanted to explain to her the changes I had experienced. I had noticed that at different times in my life, I would suddenly find that I had changed in some fundamental way. The older I became, the more aware I was that these changes would occur. However, I could never be completely prepared for the changes.

As we were talking, an old friend of mine pulled up in front of the house, in a blue car which looked like something out of the 1950s, a very attractive model. I had known him since high school, and many times we had gone out cruising in this car. Now he wanted me to once again go out riding around with him. He provided the perfect illustration of what I was trying to say to the woman about the change I had gone through. Whereas at one time I had so enjoyed just cruising around, I no longer had any desire to cruise. Now, I felt more like just staying at home, maybe even just staying at home with this woman. Trying to express the sentiment that I had changed, that I didn't have the same desires or impulses that I used to have, I said to her, "My past has flown me by."

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