Dream of: 26 December 1999 "Injured Turtle"

I was sitting on the back porch of a woman's house, a woman whom I hardly knew. She had allowed me to use her computer, also on the back porch, and I was busily typing away. When I finally turned around away from the computer monitor, and looked on a table behind me, I saw a beautiful young dog (about 6 months old) standing on a table. The dog was brown with round black spots, and would have looked just like a Dalmatian except for the brown instead of white color.

I moved closer to the table and began petting the pup. He snarled at me once, but then acquiesced to my hand and allowed me to pet him. I liked him so much, I began wondering if the woman might sell him to me. I quickly abandoned the idea. I already had my pet Dalmatian Picasso and my pet Dalmatian Chaucer to take care of, and another dog would simply be too much to handle.

Suddenly, almost from nowhere, another smaller dog, with long white hair, jumped toward me from the back of the table and sunk his teeth into my right arm, above the elbow in the biceps area. The attack only lasted for a few moments before I was able to fend off the vicious little animal. Just as quickly as the white monster had appeared, it disappeared again. I knew the white dog also belonged to the woman, because now I recalled I had earlier seen her attending to it.

I rolled up the arm of the sweater I was wearing and examined my wound, a half dozen or so puncture marks in my arm. Although I didn't feel any pain, the wounds were quite pronounced and the red was flowing profusely. Also, my beige sweater was stained with blood in several places, and I doubted the blood would come out.

When the woman finally walked out to where I was, she was accompanied by another woman friend of hers. Both women were probably in their late 30s, and in good physical shape and appearance. I immediately pointed out to them what had happened to me and described how the white dog had attacked me. The woman who owned the house didn't say much. In fact, she almost seemed to be ignoring me. The other woman however, her friend, seemed concerned, and examined my wounds, commenting about their severity.

I wasn't particularly concerned about what had happened, even though I stated that my sweater was probably ruined, but I began to become galled that the woman was ignoring my plight. After all, it was her dog which had attacked me. She at least could have showed concern. Surely she must realize that if I wanted to, I could bring a law suit against her for damages and make life difficult for her. I had no desire to do such a thing, but I was beginning to think I might, if the woman didn't at least apologize for her dog.

I recalled that I had been here once before, and that the last time Picasso and Chaucer had been with me. On that occasion, one of my dogs had nipped someone in the woman's house, (I believed the person had been the woman's husband). The bite had been no more than a scratch, and no one had made a big deal about it. Perhaps the woman was now thinking that because she hadn't caused me any problems when my dog had bitten someone, I shouldn't now cause problems because her dog had bitten me. That wasn't how I saw the situation. My wounds were much more severe, and the woman at least owed me an apology.

The two women began talking, and I thought the woman's friend was trying to convince the woman to make me some kind of offer of settlement. Finally the woman pulled out a five dollar bill, held it in her hand, and said something to me. I was insulted and blurted out, "Are you offering me five dollars?"

Now I was definitely thinking about suing the woman.


Several days later I was in the backyard of my own home, only a few blocks away from the house of the woman.

With me was a small animal which I identified as a turtle, a turtle without a shell. Actually the little animal looked more like a big ant, about 10 centimeters tall, rather like a character from a digitally animated movie such as Antz or A Bug's Life. The little animal, with a smile on its face, was sitting atop a small wheeled device which appeared to be a tricycle.

When I had left the woman's house several days earlier, I had taken this animal with me, because it was this animal, instead of myself, which had actually been injured. Now, recovered from its injury, the animal was ready to return home to the woman, and sitting atop its little tricycle, the animal was ready to began its journey of several blocks back to the woman.

I was holding a video camera and began videotaping the little animal ride off from my back yard. I was still intending to sue the woman, and I would use this video tape as part of my evidence.

Suddenly the animal stopped and made me aware that it didn't have the keys to get into the house when it returned home. I stepped up to the tricycle, and saw the turtle shell lying upside down on the back of the tricycle, the shell in which the animal normally lived. I was able to lift up the bottom of the shell and look inside. There, inside the shell, lay the keys to the woman's house. I pointed them out to the animal. I also videotaped the keys in the shell, thinking this would be additional evidence which I would need for the trial.

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