Dream of: 16 December 1999 "Exotic Island"

I was in a courtroom, defending a client who had improperly treated a person (who was now the plaintiff) for Alzheimer's disease; my client had either misdiagnosed the disease or had prescribed the wrong drug. It was the second or third day of trial. When the plaintiff walked into the courtroom, I was sitting on a bench. I picked up some of my things and moved them to a new spot. When I walked back to pick up the rest of my things, I found someone had moved my pens.

I spoke with the attorney for the plaintiff. The attorney was a short dark-skinned thin Indian type; he didn't speak English well. He said he wanted to go to Africa after this trail. I had also been thinking of going to Africa to a little-known exotic island in the Red Sea area. The island seemed more Indian than African. I had enough money so I didn't have to worry about how long I would stay.

When I finally sat down, I was thinking the lawyer must only handle cases occasionally if he was able to travel like that. I would like to handle only one case at a time. I could concentrate on the different aspects of the case, such as all the discovery. I was thinking of handling a patent case for my father. If I did so, I would only handle that one case and not take on any others. I liked the idea.

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