Dream of: 12 December 1999 "Photographer"

Just one more month and I would be finished with law school. I still had one large project to complete before I could graduate. Once before, while I had been in law school, I had successfully prepared a similar project, so I knew I could do it. Nevertheless, the magnitude of the task was a bit daunting.

In the meantime, before I began working on the project, I had been asked by McSwain to work on a smaller project. As it turned out, most, if not all, my fellow law students and I were on a trip to a large city. While we were in the city, McSwain had asked me to take pictures of the other students. Since I had once worked as a portrait photographer, I felt I could handle the task, and I had agreed to do so. However, now I was having some doubts. I had still not prepared to take the pictures, and the first law student was supposed to show up in about an hour.

All the law school students were staying in the same hotel, the same building as I. However, my room didn't look like a hotel room. I was actually occupying several rooms which seemed more as if they were in an old, sparsely furnished, frame house. The ceilings were high, and the house appeared to have been quite elegant at one time, but now the place was rather run-down. I looked around the rooms, trying to decide if I could take the pictures here. I quickly decided the place was adequate, although I would definitely need to do some rearranging.

Fortunately, I had two assistants who had been assigned to help me. They were both attractive women (in their early 20s), one blonde and one brunette. I quickly began giving them orders, directing them to pull up a couple large rugs in the main room and replace the rugs with a much nicer blue rug from one of the back rooms. I also told one of them to sweep out a pile of sawdust which had been left in the main room.

When they had finished, the brunette walked into the bathroom, and I followed her. I watched as she disrobed in front of me and sat down in the white bath tub. As she sat facing me, I thought I might as well take advantage of the situation. I slipped down my pants, walked over to her and inserted my penis in her mouth. She offered no resistance, and we both seemed to tacitly understand she was here to do my bidding, whatever my bidding might be.

Nevertheless, I didn't dally long with the girl. I felt under pressure to get back to the business at hand, preparing for the photography session; time was running out. After less than a minute of pleasure, I zipped back up and returned to the main room.

Someone was knocking at the door. I was afraid it might be a law student, come to have his picture taken. When I opened the door, I was happily surprised to see two young men standing in front of me, along with all the camera equipment. I quickly realized they also were going to be my assistants; I invited them in. Only now did I realize I hadn't even set up the camera equipment. I still had to get everything ready.

In a way, the whole enterprise seemed futile. I hadn't taken pictures in years, and I wasn't even sure I could remember how. Yet at the same time, the operation had been set in motion; I couldn't back out now. I simply had to get ready. I began by picking up the camera and examining it. I pointed the bulky device at one of the fellows helping me and I snapped a picture. I rolled up the film, then snapped another picture. Only when I once again rolled up the film did I realize I had rolled the film out of the camera and exposed it to sunlight, ruining it. It didn't much matter: the film was just a small amount which had been left in the camera. The camera would have to be reloaded with a roll of new film.

I handed the camera to one of the fellows and told him to reload it, that loading the camera was his job. I knew from my days of being a professional photographer that he would have to put the camera and the film in a black bag, then insert his hands in the bag and load the camera simply by touch. It was a complicated process; I was glad he was here to do it. That would save me a lot of trouble.

Indeed, I began to realize having the four assistants would mean I would be able to concentrate on my main job – taking pictures. After all, I was … the photographer. My assistants could handle all the preparations and all the technical work. I would be the one who would have to take the pictures, pose the subjects, make them smile. If I would just concentrate on my job, on what I needed to do, I just might still be able to pull this off.

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