Dream of: 06 December 1999 "Rodin"

Feeling intoxicated, I was lying on my back in the grass in a public park in Berlin, Germany. Dozens of intriguing bronze statues stood around me. I focused on one statue which looked like a bird. I took my eyes away for a moment, and someone moved the statue.

Cognizant that everything I did was being watched, I continued lying on the grass and scrutinizing the statues. In a pool of water stood about a dozen statues of men, some of which had clearly been sculpted by the sculptor Rodin. I wished I could see every statue which Rodin had ever sculpted and fix them all in my mind so I could review the statues any time I wanted.

Also standing near me was a sculpture which look like a mantelpiece for a fireplace. On top of the mantel stood numerous small statues. One of the statues first looked like a pair of stylized hands –something Egyptian – holding a pomegranate. But looking closer at the fingers, I realized they weren't fingers at all, but a snake wrapped around the pomegranate and holding it in its mouth.

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