Dream of: 03 December 1999 "The News Room"

I walked into my wife Carolina's place of employment (the news section of television station Channel 52 in Irving, Texas), to announce that I would be filling in for Carolina for a few hours today. At first I had balked at the idea of taking Carolina's place, but finally I had decided I should be able to handle the job, even though I knew very little about what she actually did at the station.

The small block building, painted white, abutted a parking lot, and just inside the open door through which I walked sat the news crew, including Alma (a friend of Carolina's), Gonzalo Aguilera, and several other Hispanics whom I had never met. I stood in front of all of them and announced, "Estoy listo."

My brown leather belt was hanging, unfastened, from the front of my waist, and I pulled it together and fastened it. No one seemed to notice, but I felt a bit embarrassed to appear to be dressing here in front of everyone.

I was early and work wouldn't begin for several more minutes. So I focused my attention on my pet Dalmatian Chaucer and my pet Dalmatian Picasso, who had rushed in with me and who were now running around the small room. Another larger dog with long brown hair had also accompanied me. I hoped no one minded my bringing the three dogs. I figured since I would only be here for one day, no one would probably care.

Since the dogs seemed so frenetic, I stepped back out into the parking lot with them so they could run off a little energy. As the dogs ran around, I reflected that I really didn't know what to talk about with the news people. I wasn't even sure what stories we would be working on today, and I wondered if I were going to be more trouble to them than I was worth. I figured that I would just do the best I could and that I should be able to contribute something.

After the dogs had had their fill of running, I walked back into the little room. By now everyone had moved to another small building on the other side of the parking lot, and they appeared to be ready to start working. However, the dogs seemed to be terribly thirsty. One had even hurried back to a commode in a small room over to the side, and was drinking water from the commode. I hollered at him to stop and I hurried to the commode to shut the lid. The water in the commode was clean, but I still didn't want him drinking it, and I looked around for something to put water in. Sitting on a sink were several cups, including a couple of large ones. I picked up one of the large cups, filled it with water from the faucet, and set it in front of the Dalmatian which hadn't been drinking water from the commode. He began gulping it down. I picked up another cup and began filling it up for the other Dalmatian. I hoped no one would mind that I was letting my dogs drink out of the cups. I didn't see anything wrong with it.

I needed to hurry. Obviously the news team was already at work, and I needed to join them immediately.

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