Dream of: 21 November 1999 (2) "Master Of Ceremonies"

I was at a party which seemed to be taking place in a house in West Portsmouth. About 20 men and one woman were present. We had been listening to music and drinking alcohol all night. Jon and Anderson were among those present. As the party wound down, Jon and I walked outside where Jon had a nice houseboat sitting on a body of water. We climbed on board and rode the houseboat out into the water for a while. We soon came back into shore, climbed off, and walked back into the house. 

The sun was rising and everyone else began leaving. I wished we had talked more and told stories, instead of simply listening to music. Only at the end did we talk a little. I tried to leave several times, but I just couldn't seem to get away, and soon only about five people were left. 

I finally began saying goodbye to and shaking hands with the few people remaining. Jon was still there, and he told me he had some eggs at his house if I wanted to come and get some. But I was so tired, I told him no. I said "Goodbye Dash" to a fellow named Dashiel. I walked up to a short balding man (around 50 years old). Someone said something about "Gracie" and I asked the man, "Who was Gracie?"

He replied, "Master of Ceremonies."

I didn't understand what he was talking about. I asked, "What was your name?"

He said, "Hans Har."

It sounded like a strange name to me. I didn't say anything else to him. 

Soon, everyone but I had left. I finally walked outside to board my vehicle, a pickup truck which resembled my old 1966 Ford Pickup. As I headed toward the truck, a female lion suddenly appeared. I ran to the driver's side of the truck and as I tried to climb in, the lion started trying to climb through the window on the passenger side. I screamed, "Help! Help!"

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