Dream of: 20 November 1999 "Legal Work"

I had dropped into Wheat's office to see Wheat. After we had talked a few minutes, Wheat indicated he would like me to do some work for him. I told him if I worked for him, I wanted to do the kind of work I liked. He agreed and he told me I could do whatever I wanted. I thought about it and reflected that he always paid me $25 an hour. I figured if I worked full time, I would make $80,000 a year. I thought I needed to at least make more than Carolina, who I thought made $35,000 a year. So even working part time, I could easily make more she. I decided to do the work. I assumed I could work for Wheat as much as I wanted. Since he needed work done right now, I decided to begin immediately. 

I walked out into the long front room, where I was surprised to find about 20 people now working for Wheat - he had never had so many employees before. The office seemed filled with people, each person occupied with his own task. Even Wheat's wife, Melanie, was busily working. It seemed almost everyone was working on immigration-law issues. I needed to tell Wheat that I would work on immigration issues if the problem was pressing, but that otherwise I intended to work on legal matters which interested me. 

One woman who had worked for Wheat when I had previously worked for him began telling me about an immigration problem on which she was working, and I began trying to help her with her problem. She and I looked for a form which I would need to fill out in order to deal with her particular problem. When she finally handed me a form, I saw it was the wrong one. Obviously Wheat really did need the help of a lawyer - he was simply overwhelmed with work. 

An attorney (about 40 years old) was sitting on the couch in the room, apparently waiting to see Wheat. A black man was also in the room. Another black woman approached me and showed me a short pink ticket which the police had left on her car. I sat down and tried to figure out what the ticket said, but it was difficult to understand. The woman told me she had been forced to turn in her keys. I had never been faced with this kind of problem, and I was uncertain what to make of it. 

As I studied the problem, the black woman dropped something right in front of the other attorney, the black man, and me. When she bent over to pick up the thing, she exposed her butt and her panties. When she stood back up, the other two men were grinning, while I had simply raised my eyebrows. She saw us and she looked at me as if to ask why I had raised my eyebrows, even though she obviously knew what she had done. Abruptly she grabbed my tie (still around my neck) and stuck it in her opened dress, inside her panties. She also rubbed her crotch on my knee. I had seen strippers do that, and I wondered if she had been a stripper. I grabbed my tie back.  

Another black-haired white woman (about 30 years old) was standing right next to the black woman. She was very pretty and also worked in the office. She now grabbed my tie, and in imitation of the black woman, she moved my tie around near her breasts, over top her clothes, without actually touching her clothes. I immediately told her she hadn't done it right, to do it again. I said, "Do it right."

However, she wouldn't take up the tie again. 

I looked at the black woman, and again I returned to the subject of the ticket. I said, "To tell you the truth, I've never heard of this."

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