Dream of: 19 November 1999 "Absorbing Fantasy"

I was trying to reconstruct in my mind how I had come to be where I was. I knew that I was lying in a bed in a house in Portsmouth, Ohio and that Mike Walls (about 17-18 years old) was lying next to me. But I couldn't remember how I got here. I knew the last time I had seen Walls we had become intoxicated on alcohol together. He had been driving an old white car, and I recalled he had been racing wildly through the town, even running off the road and up into the front yards of houses. Finally, he had crashed the car into someone's front yard and the car wouldn't move. The last thing I remembered was the two of us getting out of the car and walking away. Now I wanted to know what had happened next.

But before I could ask Walls anything, he suddenly pushed me out of the bed with his hands and feet. I quickly stood up, intending to get back in the bed and ask him about the car. But I stopped in my tracks, because when I looked back in the bed, I realized Walls wasn't alone. Lying next to him was Mary Atherton.

As I watched Walls begin kissing Atherton, my eyes played tricks with me, and instead of seeing Walls and Atherton, I thought I saw another girl and Atherton kissing each other. The vision of the two girls (both of whom looked about 16-17 years old) kissing each other was extremely erotic. The sight seemed unreal to me, almost like a fantasy, and I had difficulty believing my eyes. Finally I realized that indeed I was mistaken, that I wasn't looking at two girls, but at Walls and Atherton kissing each other.

However, the erotic nature of the sight didn't diminish, and I began to have a fantasy, that while Walls was lying next to Atherton kissing her from the front, I could lie down behind Atherton, put my arms around her from behind, and begin squeezing her breasts. In this position, both Walls and I could make love to Atherton at the same time.

But as I was absorbed with my fantasy, the strangest thought came to me – it seemed I had recently had some kind of contact with Atherton, by phone or by email! I even had the feeling that if I wanted, that I could simply write Atherton an email, and that she and I might even possibly meet together in person somewhere. But at the same time, contacting Atherton by email simply didn't make sense to me.

I continued looking at the girl in front of me, the 16 year-old version of Atherton. She simply didn't seem real to me. I couldn't understand how I could think I might actually be able to contact Atherton. The only thing that made sense was enjoying this vision and thinking about making love to Atherton.

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