Dream of: 06 November 1999 "Respectability"

Jerry Seinfeld and I were sitting in a small house trailer where I had been living. I was sitting on the floor, while Jerry was seated on a couch. I planned to move out of the trailer, and Jerry planned to live in the trailer after I moved out. I was in the process of packing up, while Jerry was thinking about the changes he would make in the trailer after I left.

At the moment, sitting on the floor, I was packing up some cassette tapes and CDs. Jerry had loaned me some CDs so I could make copies on some of the cassette tapes. I hadn't marked the cassettes, and now I began playing the cassettes on a tape player so I could determine what music was on each cassette.

As one cassette began playing, I was awed by the beauty of the music. I immediately recognized the music on the cassette as being from the old rock group, "Quicksilver." I already knew all the words to the beautiful song. The lyrics seemed to fill the little room, "Moving on, singing my song. I believe it's the high road we're taking. And when we find our peace of mind, it won't take you too long to find me. Don't you know where we're going is not where we've been…"

I was so thankful to Jerry for having lent me the CD so I could make a copy of the songs on my cassette tape. I looked up at him, thinking I would like to thank him, but even more, I would just like to tell him I liked him as a person. However, I just couldn't bring myself to say something so personal to him.

Jerry remained sitting on the couch, staring straight ahead of him at the solid wall. I knew he was thinking about the window he was planning to put in the wall, and I tried to imagine what the wall would like with a large bright window in it. Jerry had even borrowed money from a bank to put the window in the wall. Now he was obviously thinking about the bank's involvement in the window project, because, without looking at me, staring straight ahead at the wall, he asked me what I thought the bank wanted from him.

I stopped and thought about his question. What did the bank want from Jerry? A word was forming in my mind, but I couldn't at first grasp it. I knew the word began with an "r," but the word wouldn't come at first. Suddenly the word came to me. I knew what the bank wanted from Jerry, and I answered him, "Respectability."

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