Dream of: 27 October 1999 "Strawberries and Mescaline"

I was in the living room of a house where Birdie was living in New Boston. I was waiting to see Birdie, who was in one of the back rooms. I hadn't been here long, when another fellow, an old friend of mine, showed up, and waited with me. I was thinking about spending the night here with Birdie. It was my impression that Birdie was now divorced. But I was still worried that her ex-husband might show up and cause problems.

I noticed a stack of magazines and flipped through them, thinking I might read something while I waited. A copy of a Playboy magazine was stuck in the stack. It didn't interest me. I thought maybe Birdie's ex might have stuck the Playboy in with the other magazines, trying to hide it.

I was surprised when Birdie's mother walked into the room; I hadn't expected to see her here. Birdie's mother looked as if she were about 50 years old. I couldn't remember her name, but she immediately recognized me and addressed me as, "Steve." She and I began talking about Birdie, and I mentioned that I had   not seen Birdie in 10 years. But to myself, I was thinking it was more like 13 years since I had seen Birdie. Birdie's mother said that Birdie had been arrested once since I had last seen her. I asked what the charges against Birdie had been. Birdie's mother said Birdie had been arrested with "strawberries and mescaline."

I wanted to know more about these particular charges, but suddenly Birdie breezed into the room. She looked good, about 30 years old. She walked right up to me; I started to put my arms around her to hug her, but suddenly she let out a piercing scream and grabbed my arm. At first I thought she was screaming because her ex-husband was outside. Then I noticed she was screaming the name, "Fenton! Fenton!," the name of the fellow – the old friend of mine – who had been in the room with me. He had strayed out onto the front porch, and Birdie was now obviously worried that her husband might pass by and see him. When Fenton didn't respond, Birdie screamed, "Surely he's deaf!"

Birdie was so upset, she was making me nervous. Obviously she was very afraid of her ex-husband, and I began to wonder whether I should also be afraid. I said out-loud, "Now is her ex-husband going to drive by and shoot me?"

Birdie's mother answered, "He's the type."

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