Dream of: 26 October 1999 "Broken Pine"

I was busily taking care of some legal matters, minor cases, in a small crowded room which appeared to be in the basement of a building. Two or three of the cases were my own traffic tickets which I had received. As I would attend to each case, I would stand up from the cafeteria-like table where I was sitting, walk over to a counter, and talk to the state's attorney about what I wanted to do with the case. We worked out agreements for some of the cases, so the tickets would be settled without trial. But I set my own traffic tickets for jury trials. I knew if I set the cases for trial, there was a good chance the charges would be dismissed.

I had already been in this little room quite a while, and it looked as if I would be here a while longer. I had come planning to spend most of the day here, and had even brought a potted plant with me to give me some company. The top of the plant's pot was about 20 centimeters in diameter, and the large-leafed plant stood about 60 centimeters tall above the pot.

I had owned this plant for quite a while and had become attached to it. Thus I became upset when I noticed I had somehow damaged the plant's stem, close to the plant's base. The outer covering of the stem had been torn off so only the inner delicate fibers remained. The plant was already beginning to bend where the stem was broken. If I didn't act quickly, clearly the plant would break and die.

 Acting rapidly, I found a short flat stick, about 15 centimeters long. I pressed the stick against the plant where the stem was damaged, and tied a string around the stick and plant, intending to give support to the stem. But somehow I managed to tie the stick too low so the stick didn't extend above the damaged section. When I untied the stick and continued to fiddle with it, I somehow succeeded in completely pulling the plant apart.

I was hurt. Sadly I held the upper part of the stem in my hand and watched the sap slowly drip out. Clearly the two parts of the stem couldn't now be attached, and already so much sap had dripped out that a small puddle of sap was standing in the top of the pot. I held the pot up to my mouth and took a sip. I wanted the plant to somehow remain a part of me, and thought by drinking just a little of the sap, something of the plant would always remain with me.

Finally, I simply pushed the broken stem of the plant down into the moist dirt, until the plant was able to stand erect. Looking more closely at the leaves, I saw the plant was actually some kind of pine tree, with long thin needles. Obviously the needles would now all turn brown. A few needles already were brown. But it would take a while for the plant to completely turn brown, and at least I could enjoy the plant a few more days.

Maybe I would buy another plant. But another plant wouldn't be the same. I liked this one. However, there was nothing I could do now to save this plant.

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