Dream of: 24 October 1999 "House For Sale"

Alma (a friend of Carolina's) and Alma's husband Juan had come to visit the Summerdale Drive House. When I opened the front door to greet them, I could see the front of their gray car parked on the street in front. When I invited them inside, Alma stepped in first. Juan, who looked thinner than I remembered him, stayed outside a few minutes longer, then he also stepped inside. I said hello, and he said the same to me. A couple other fellows were also with Alma and Juan, and the fellows also stepped into the House.

Alma and Juan were interested in buying the House from Carolina and me, and I began trying to think about how much I would ask for the house. I finally decided I would be willing to sell the House for $110,000. I would tell Alma and Juan (which would be the truth), that if I were trying to sell the House, I would ask $119,000 for it, with the intention of coming down to $115,000, but if Alma and Juan wanted to buy the House right now, I would sell it to them for $110,000. I thought I might be selling the House too cheaply, but I decided to let it go at that price anyway.

The House was a bit messy since we hadn't cleaned it before Alma and Juan arrived. My pet Dalmatian Picasso had shredded some white fuzzy stuff all over the place and some of the stuff was sticking to him.

I told Carolina to unroll a couple rugs lying rolled up in the front room. When she did so, I changed my mind, because one rug looked as if it had a stain on, as if maybe one of the dogs had peed on it.

Meanwhile, Alma had gone to the kitchen and begun cleaning. I thought to myself that it was good that she was doing some cleaning. She made some favorable comments about some improvements I had made on the House, such as my having painted the kitchen cabinets. I told her I had had six months in which to work on the House.

I was just about ready to start talking about the price of the House. I figured Alma and Juan probably didn't have very good credit, and they might have problems borrowing money to buy the House. I thought about how nice it would be if I could afford to hold the mortgage on the House myself. I calculated in my mind that the mortgage payment would be about $1,000 a month, which would be extra income for me. I calculated $120,00 for 10 years, $240,000 for 20 years and $360,000 for 30 years. That sounded excellent, but I didn't think I could afford to hold the mortgage myself. I needed the money from the House now.

If I could go into the business of buying houses, selling them, and holding the mortgages, I could certainly make some good money. Maybe I could borrow the money from a bank to buy the houses, then resell the houses at a higher interest rate than I was paying the bank. I could see definitely possibilities.

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