Dream of: 21 October 1999 "Kes"

A young woman (about 20 years old) who was my sister (not my actual sister), was standing in front of me. I thought she was beautiful. She had very short cropped hair and looked just like Kes (the character played by the actress Jennifer Lien in the television series "Star Trek: Voyager"). She had been crying because the man who was our father had been mistreating her, and her eyes were red, especially her right one. I stood next to her and tried to comfort her. For the first time I realized that I loved her and that she loved me. We had had sex together many times, but I had never felt before as if I loved her. Now I realized that I did, and that we would probably spend our lives together. The thought of living with her thrilled me. She was exactly what I wanted. I couldn't wait to make love with her again and tell her how much I loved her. It was even possible we might have children, because I knew she might actually be adopted, and not my blood sister. We would have to determine later whether she was actually adopted.

For now, all I could do was give her a hug, and console her. We couldn't do more because the woman who was my mother was somewhere in the house. But later we would be alone, would make love, and plan out our lives together.

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