Dream of: 18 October 1999 "Un Peu Des Problemes"

In a plush brothel, I was surrounded by beautiful women. However, I was having definite trouble seeing them. I was so intoxicated – both from drink and from a white tablet I had taken – I could barely function. I was definitely incapable of having sex. I had come here more for the company than for sex anyway, so not having sex didn't bother me. I just enjoyed being with these women.

However, I didn't enjoy my state of mind, and I wanted to clear my thoughts. I stepped outside, and almost immediately, felt refreshed and completely sober. I felt great.

A fellow who seemed to know me walked up and said something to me in French. I answered, "Oui, monsieur." He made some comment about the circumstances in which I found myself, and I answered, "J'ai un peu des problemes." Then, in a long rambling French sentence, he asked me whether I was familiar with a certain establishment in San Francisco, and I told him I wasn't. He spoke a few more words, changing from French to English, to my dismay, since I wanted to continue speaking French.

By this time we had reached the parking lot, where I had parked the brand new snazzy black car which I had been driving, something like a Lexus or Jaguar. Just next to my car, two other cars had been in an accident, and sitting in one of the damaged cars were Carolina and Paz. The accident looked minor and obviously no one had been injured, but clearly an unpleasant situation was about to unfold.

I immediately walked up to the car door where Carolina was sitting. She looked at me and asked, "Steve, so you have to take that?' I knew she was referring to the white tablet which I had taken. I thought I was recovered from my intoxication, but I realized I might still have the odor of alcohol on me, and that indeed I still might be tipsy. I would have preferred that Carolina not see me in such a state, but I wasn't particularly worried. I likewise didn't care that she had seen me coming out of the brothel, since she already knew I sometimes came here.

I asked her about the accident. The front of Carolina's car was damaged, but I couldn't tell who was responsible. Some police officers were already showing up. I doubted they would do anything. It was all just an inconvenience to be dealt with.

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