Dream of: 17 October 1999 "Tornadoes"

control and power

are necessary to keep

the universe still

Several members of my family and I were having a cookout for my father in the backyard of the House in Patriot, Ohio (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). We planned to prepare fajitas. I was working on lighting the fire, but try as I may, I simply could not seem to start the fire. Finally, Mrs. Swiver, the neighbor who lived across the street, walked over to me and worked on the fire. In short order she had a big fire going, embarrassing me because I had proven so inept.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a large funnel cloud from a tornado swooped toward us. The cloud whirled past us, barely missing us. I then saw yet another funnel cloud headed straight toward us. My mother, my sister, and I ran to a small red car and jumped in, and with me driving, we raced off as fast as we could. Now I could see other funnel clouds around us, and I debated what we should do. Thinking we could possibly stop and run into one of the houses we were passing, I wondered which would be best – brick or frame. It seemed to me that a brick house would be better, but I reflected that if we were hiding in the basement, and the brick fell down on us, we would be more likely to be crushed than if we were in a frame house. I could not make up mind.

Fortunately, the skies began to clear, and the clouds disappeared. I thought maybe we had managed to escape unharmed, but up ahead of us I saw an ominous black cloud in the sky. Then I began to see several funnels slowly descending from the cloud – an eerie and scary sight. The funnels dropped from the black cloud so quickly, I barely had time to think before I saw one funnel cloud upon us. After I braked the car to a stop, my sister jumped out, but my mother and I stayed inside. I watched my sister and was astounded by what she did. Sitting close to us was an old car with the front left side jacked up in the air. The tire had been taken off the rim. I could not believe my eyes as I watched my sister crawl under the car, and lie directly beneath the tireless rim of the car.

Just as the funnel cloud was about to smash into us, my mother and I dove  into the floorboard of our car. As we felt the funnel blast us, I wondered what would happen if we were lifted into the air and thrust about, but almost as quickly as the tornado had hit us, it passed, and my mother and I raised ourselves back up into the seats.

Immediately I looked over at the car under which my sister had lain. The car was still there raised up on the jack – but my sister had disappeared. Clearly she must have been swept away and killed. I stepped out of our car, almost in a state of shock, thinking my sister was dead, but suddenly I noticed something. Right behind the car stood an old garage with its wide garage doors open. Inside, lying on top of a pile of covers, was my sister. Her eyes were closed, and I feared the worst, that she had been killed, but when I called out her name, she opened her eyes. I was so happy. I thought God must have had something to do with my sister's survival, and I thanked God that she was still alive.

I raced over to the garage and climbed up to the covers to where my sister was lying. Just as I reached her, a woman dressed in white, like a nurse, appeared behind my sister. The woman immediately informed me that she (the woman) had already cleaned my sister's underwear. I said, "Already?" I understood the woman was saying my sister had dirtied her pants when the tornado had struck her, but I was surprised the woman had reached my sister and cleaned her so quickly. The woman said everyone who had been hit by the tornado had dirtied their pants. The woman had simply been doing her job by cleaning them.

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