Dream of: 09 October 1999 "Screaming In Church"

I had decided to try out some different churches and I was picking some very strange churches to attend. One Sunday my mother and I went to one church with some unusual practices to see what it was like. We walked inside onto the first floor, and discovered the service was going to take place in the basement. I was wearing a suit, but I soon discovered the people in the church didn't wear anything on their feet. My mother walked on down to the basement as I stayed upstairs to take off my shoes. After I had taken off my shoes, I could hear people in the basement making a noise, so I knew the service had already started. 

I had the feeling that today was a special day, a holiday in the church. I also had the feeling the pastor wasn't there today. I was a bit leery of the church, especially if the pastor wasn't there on this special day. Nevertheless, I wanted to see what the church was like, so I walked downstairs.

When I reached the basement, I met a fellow (18-19 years old) who began talking about being in this church. He told me he came there to meet the women. The church was unusual, because few men came to the church. Mostly women attended there. His motives didn't seem too bad to me. 

As I headed for the room where the service apparently would take place, I began hearing a sound which at first I couldn't identify. Finally I realized the sound was coming from a cassette tape. It sounded like women screaming as they were giving birth. The women were both moaning and singing, demonstrating various difficulties in life, such as child birth. I found the sound fascinating and interesting. I had never heard anything like it. Apparently the tapes were either sold or given away there.  

Just as I was about to walk into the room, someone handed me a white tee shirt. I put on the tee shirt. As soon as I had put on the tee shirt, I no longer cared how strange or weird this church was - I simply felt good about being there. This was definitely an interesting experience. 

I walked into a room in the basement, around to the side so I didn't step up in front of everyone. My mother was already seated in the room. She was smiling and only looked about 40 years old. She seemed to be enjoying herself. 

I had entered from the front of the room. I eased along the side, not interrupting anything, and headed to the back. Just as I reached the back of the room, a woman stepped up to me and said, "Steven, I see you being happy for the first time in years."

Apparently she thought I was feeling happy, but I didn't think this was necessarily the happiest I had been in years. Nevertheless, I didn't disagree with her. 

She asked, "And food fights. What about food fights?" 

I wasn't sure what she was talking about, but I thought she might be referring to food fights between Carolina and me. I tried to think if we had ever actually fought over food, but I couldn't remember us ever having done so. 

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