Dream of: 08 October 1999 "Crows"

As I pushed along a crowded parking lot of a department store or mall, I looked up into the sky and saw the strangest sight – several balloons, tied together were about 15 meters above my head. The balloons themselves weren't strange, but on top of the balloons were several black crows, floating along for the ride. Underneath one of the balloons, one crow was holding onto a string, and another crow was standing on this crow's shoulders. The crow standing on the shoulders almost looked human, standing on its hind legs with its chest all puffed out.

The balloons were slowly descending and finally they landed in the parking lot, not far from me. I walked over to them to get a better look. When I reached the balloons, I saw that two dogs had also been tied to the balloons, and that they had now landed. In addition to the balloons, the two dogs were attached to a long metal contraption with wheels, which looked like a luggage rack from an airport, only much longer. I thought to myself that I had no need for such a rack, but it obviously must be valuable. I wondered if I should claim it as my own.

As I was debating to myself, I suddenly became aware that a police office, dressed in black leather, had stepped up and was writing a ticket. I hoped he wasn't writing it for me. I hadn't done anything wrong. I thought of trying to tell him that I didn't know anything about the dogs or the racks, but that I had simply been thinking of helping out the dogs.

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