Dream of: 05 October 1999 "The Stupid Ones"

I had driven to another city to attend a bankruptcy conference. I had brought my uncle George, my brother Chris, and another relative with me. After arriving, I left the three of them in a hotel room, and I went alone to the conference. I entered the back of the room where the conference was being held. The room was shaped like an "L." The speaker was at the top of the "L," and I walked into the small base of the "L" where the people sitting here couldn't even see the speaker. 

As soon as I entered, I saw Louise sitting at a table. Other people were at the table, but she seemed alone. She was very thin and her makeup had run down her face, as if she had been crying. When I walked toward her, she looked at me and half smiled. We had recently talked a little to each other, and I wanted to say hi to her. She stood up, clearly indicating that she wanted to leave with me. 

As we turned to leave, she began speaking in a very loud voice, almost as if she were demented. People turned to look at her. I turned around and saw her husband Vernon standing right behind me. He was obviously extremely upset, and he look as if he wanted to beat Louise. When he started becoming belligerent, people stood up and held him back from Louise. In the confusion, Louise and I escaped out the door. 

We ran up several flights of stairs, ended up in a parking garage, and jumped onto an elevator. We started down, but then I pushed a button and we went up. We stopped on the fourth floor, got off, and stepped into a dining room where people were sitting at tables. We walked over to a table next to a window and sat down. I had just started talking with Louise when Vernon came running into the room. He grabbed me and acted as if he were going to try to push Louise or me out the window. Once again people gathered around and held him back, and once again Louise and I were able to escape. 

We ran back down the flights of stairs and ran outside. I thought I could take her to my car and to my hotel room. I knew I had a nice car and a nice hotel room. I asked her if she wanted to go with me and she said she did. As we ran down the street toward my car, I said, "I've got my crippled uncle George, my crippled brother Chris, and another uncle with me."

She said something about their being the ones who were stupid. I replied, "I wouldn't put it that way, but yes."

We continued running toward the car. 

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