Dream of: 04 October 1999 "Riding A Funnel Cloud"

As another person and I were riding along in a car, we suddenly spotted the funnel cloud of a tornado bearing down on us. As the swirling black funnel turned in our direction, I felt confident we could simply speed up and outrun the cloud, even though I recalled having heard it was dangerous to try to outrun a tornado. But just as we were about to try to escape, the funnel cloud raced toward us with amazing speed, passing close by and barely missing us. I was astonished by the speed of the tornado, realizing it would have been impossible to outrun it. If the cloud had reached us, we would have simply had to duck down in the floorboards of the car, and hope for the best.

The funnel cloud which passed us was not the only one in the area. Not far from us roared an even larger black funnel cloud, headed straight for an office building. The dull gray building received the full brunt of the funnel cloud. But the way the funnel cloud struck the building was surprising. The funnel cloud went right through the building without knocking the building down. I had the impression the powerful winds of the funnel cloud swirled around inside the building before they emerged on the other side, tossing around the people inside the building, but leaving them inside. I had never seen such a sight.

Yet another funnel cloud appeared on the horizon not far from us. By now I was beginning to lose some of my fear of the funnel clouds. I even imagined what it would be like to be picked up by the funnel cloud while I was in the car. Conceivably, I could be tossed around inside the funnel cloud and then finally set back down on the ground, unharmed. Of course I realized such a ride would be too dangerous to attempt on purpose, but still, the thought of riding a funnel cloud had its appeal to me.

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