Dream of: 03 October 1999 "Zords"

I walked into a room where my brother Chris was. I hadn't been spending much time with Chris lately and I wanted to do something with him. So I had bought some unassembled Zords (from the "Power Rangers" universe) action figures. I thought I could put the Zords together and Chris could look at them. He couldn't actually put the Zords together himself, because he was virtually immobile. But I thought he could give me directions if I were making a mistake. 

However, I now found Chris seemed to be rapidly deteriorating. He was lying on a table and fidgeting, almost on the verge of having an epileptic fit. He seemed to be trying to reach something, although I didn't know what. 

I walked over to him, picked him up in my arms and held him. He had a look of terrible pain on his face. I finally realized he was trying to urinate, but was unable to do so. He was trying to pull out his penis, but was having great difficulty. He said he was trying to find his sock. I didn't know what he meant, but apparently he somehow used a sock to help him urinate. 

I hollered for my mother, who was in the adjoining kitchen, only separated from our room by a counter. I could see her standing in there. When she heard me, she walked into our room. She seemed concerned. Referring to the problem Chris was having, I asked, "Does it happen often?"

My mother replied, "No, it does not happen often, and it does not happen much, but its incidence is on the increase."

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