Dream of: 02 October 1999 "Showing His Presence"

Carolina and I were sitting in the courtroom of the United States Supreme Court. We had come to watch a case in which Clifford (in his early 30s) was the attorney on one side. He was slender and in good shape. A weasely little attorney for the state had filed a petition to take Clifford's brother Chris away from his family. Chris (13-14 years old) was also sitting in the courtroom. He seemed happy and complacently oblivious of what was going on. This was the second time Clifford and Chris had been in the courtroom on this case. 

A panel of three judges was sitting on the bench. One judge began by saying he had already decided how he was going to vote. The other two judges quickly agreed. The judges obviously thought that the entire case was absolutely absurd, that the state's taking Chris away from his family was ridiculous. Without anyone even saying anything, the judges had already decided they were going to vote for Clifford. The judges stood up and walked out of the room. 

I walked over behind Clifford, who was wearing a helmet made of straw. I wanted to say something to him. I thought he had spent quite a bit of time preparing for this case, but I was sure he was glad he hadn't been forced to stand up and make his argument. Carolina stepped up next to me and asked me what had happened. Referring to Clifford, I replied, "Yea, he won. All he had to do was show his presence."

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