Dream of: 29 September 1999 "Snow White"

Carolina and I had gone to a Sears store to return a boxed board game which we had bought there. We were standing in front of long glass counters filled with all sorts of items, waiting for the clerk to take care of us. The clerk was a slender black-haired fellow probably in his mid 20s (who looked exactly like one of the managers of the Tom Thumb grocery store in Hurst where Carolina and I do most of our grocery shopping). He was typically friendly and handled the return without question. When he was finished, he handed me a large drinking glass and told me I could have it. Although I didn't need the glass, it was so pretty, I thanked him and decided to keep it.

As long as we were here, I looked in the glass cases at some of the goods. My eye caught a group of little porcelain statues which interested me. Each little statue portrayed a particular movie. I especially noticed one of the statues which depicted the animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and I thought I might even be interested in buying it. Another statue portrayed a Mexican movie titled Quilley, which I had never heard of. It also interested me.

Finally, I noticed a Monopoly game inside one case, and I took note of how expensive a new Monopoly game was. It made me think I had seen Monopoly games at yard sales being sold for a pittance. It seemed to me the manufacturers of the games were able to demand such high prices because of the copyrights. Copyrights certainly were valuable.

When Carolina and I were finished, we walked out of the store. Each of us boarded a separate car and we drove off. We were headed toward the Gallia County Farm and soon we were only about 15 kilometers from our destination. The road was four lanes, but was in rough shape, damaged by potholes and uneven pavement.

Carolina was driving an older model brown car in front of me, in the left lane. I was driving in the right lane, and I wanted to get closer to her, but I couldn't, because another car was right next to me in the left lane. Every time I would speed up to try to pass the car next to me, it would also speed up. Obviously whoever was driving the car didn't want me to pass.

Suddenly, Carolina made a sharp turn to the left, and exited onto a white-graveled side road. I was at a loss. As I passed by, I saw her go straight up the side of a hill on the road. I knew that wasn't the road which I normally took to the Farm. Maybe, I thought, the road was a short cut. I hesitated, thinking I would continue on the road I was on, and simply meet Carolina at the Farm. Suddenly I changed my mind. Mainly I was concerned about Carolina traveling the narrow country road by herself. What if she had a problem? It might be necessary to get the tractor from the Farm and go and find her. It would be better if I were to follow her, and be there if she needed me.

The car in the left lane was no longer blocking me, so I was able to quickly move into the left lane and cross the median strip. Now I could turn around, go back to the gravel road which Carolina had taken and follow her through the woods.

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