Dream of: 26 September 1999 "Hexadiliquepus"

At twilight the pickup truck in which I was riding in the back pulled up in front of Richard's News (a newsstand in Portsmouth). I was carrying a camera with me, and while I was visiting Portsmouth, I wanted to take pictures of as many people as I could, of old friends and acquaintances whom I no longer knew.

In front of me, hanging on the store window, was a poster showing the pictures of five men who were musicians and who were apparently playing locally together in a band. Thinking one of the musicians might be someone I used to know, I jumped off the truck so I could take a closer look at the poster. I also thought to myself how I wished I had played music in a band when I had lived in Portsmouth. But, I thought, most people who played music quit before they were good enough to be in a band.

When I walked up to the poster, I realized I didn't recognize anybody on the poster. Instead, I saw that one of the fellows looked like the character Chiron, the centaur from the animated Disney movie Hercules. A very specific name for him came to me – "Hexadiliquepus" –which I repeated over and over in my mind so I could remember it, even spelling it out to myself. I also thought he was somehow connected to the Greek hero Theseus, although the connection was unclear to me. Finally, however, I concluded the fellow in the picture wasn't from the movie Hercules at all, but from the animated movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

My attention was drawn from the poster to a black box sitting on the sidewalk. The box looked like one in which old typewriters used to be carried. Somehow, before my eyes, a woman emerged from the box and stood up in front of me. She was black, about 20 years old, and looked like someone I used to know in Portsmouth, albeit not well. I thought her name was Nancy Drew, and we immediately struck up a lively conversation. I even pulled out some rough notes which I had taken from one of my dreams and began going over them with her. I also pulled out a rather large picture of the animated character "Esmeralda" from the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame and showed the picture to her.

I enjoyed talking so much with the black girl, I thought I might ask her to go out with me this evening. We could go to the lounge at the Ramada Inn in Portsmouth, where there was a dance floor and a band. I might even put on a blue sports jacket for her, even though I wasn't accustomed to wearing sports jackets anymore.

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