Dream of: 25 September 1999 "Unprepared"

I had shown up late for a court hearing. I partially blamed Carolina and I was angry at her for fowling me up. It seemed that an attorney had called me to tell me I was late for the case, and that Carolina had told the attorney I was sick. Now that I had finally showed up in court, I was uncertain whether I should tell the judge – a woman – that I wasn't really sick, and whether I should try to come up with an explanation for why I was late.

Before approaching the judge, I stopped near the entrance to the courtroom and talked to a female clerk. Besides being late, I was dressed completely inappropriately. I had no shirt and no shoes, and the shorts I was wearing kept falling down. The clerk tried to help me and told me about a house where I might be able to find some shoes. Fortunately, I discovered that by chance a whole pile of shoes had been delivered to the court this very day. I quickly went over to the shoes and rummaged through them until I found a pair which fit. After putting on the shoes, I felt somewhat better, but I still knew I was in bad shape, especially when I saw another female attorney in the courtroom glare disdainfully at me.

If only I had been wearing the right clothes, this case was a sure win. I began to imagine there might be some way I could yet control the situation. Perhaps I could have the case re-set to another day. Then I could show up properly attired and be in control. It was such a soothing thought.

My client finally showed up. He was a short oriental fellow (about 30 years old). When I saw him, instead of walking over to him, I headed for the judge's chambers and walked in. No one else was in the room. I picked up an orange lying on plate and took a bite. Then I lay down on a couch, thinking I needed a few moments to collect myself.

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