Dream of: 06 September 1999 "Reaching The Church's Upstairs"

Carolina and I had heard someone was selling four or five old posters which depicted television shows from the 1950s, posters similar to movie posters of the same period. Interested in acquiring the posters, she and I boarded a car which I drove out into the country, where we understood the posters to be. On the way, we arrived in a small village, and being hungry, stopped at a small country store to find something to eat.

The interior of the store proved disappointing with hardly any food to be found. However, we managed to scrounge up a few edibles, and walked up to the counter to pay. As a young woman behind the cash register calculated the bill, I pulled out my billfold and fiddled with my credit cards. I pulled out five cards with which I planned to pay for the food. I figured instead of putting the total amount of the bill on one card, I would divide the sum among all the cards. I looked at the first card and read off the number, "123" to the girl. She corrected me and pointed out that the number on the back of the card was, "122." Glancing at the back of the card, I recalled that I had previously had this trouble with this card, that two different numbers were on the card. Since I knew the number "122" worked, I told the girl to use that number; she typed it in. She continued getting the numbers from the other cards from me, until she finally finished. When the transaction was completed, Carolina and I left.

After Carolina and I walked back outside, we decided to eat before getting back into the car, and when we spotted a church nearby, we walked into it. The church was old and was obviously being refurbished. As soon as we walked in, we saw evidence of carpentry work all around. The first room we entered had a ceiling two stories high. A stairway ran along the wall to the second story, where we could see a room abutting the large high-ceilinged room. I thought it would be pleasant to go upstairs to eat, and we both began climbing the wooden stairs.

However, about half way up, I began to worry. The stairs were completely unsupported on one side, although the other side, which was bolted to the wall, seemed firm. We crept along, carefully placing our weight on and testing each stair.

On the way, I remarked to Carolina that this church would be a nice place to live. She and I had recently talked of how we might like to buy an elegant old house which had fallen into disrepair and fix it up. I had never thought of the possibility of buying a church and fixing it up, but now I saw that such an idea might be feasible. I definitely liked the fine, detailed woodwork of the place. The high, two-story ceiling was impressive, although heating this place in the winter would prove costly. However, we wouldn't have to heat the room all the time. We could set up our living quarters in one of the smaller rooms of the church and only heat that space.

We had almost reached the top of the stairs when I saw we had a definite problem – the stairs came to a dead end in the wall. A section of the stairs which was supposed to run along the wall to the upstairs room on the other side, was missing. Looking around me, I now saw another set of stairs which went up to the upstairs room. We would have to climb back down and start up the other stairs. I was beginning to think reaching the upstairs room of the church might be more trouble than it was worth.

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