Dream of: 03 September 1999 "So Many Gifts"

I was flying through the air, in another world, the world where people go after they die. I knew I had been summoned here for a reason, but I had no idea what the reason was. I only knew I was here on a visit, and that I wouldn't stay permanently.

When I saw a group of spirits standing together below me, I flew over to them and landed. I began talking to them and quickly realized these spirits lived here permanently and weren't simply visiting as I was. I also quickly surmised that everyone in this particular group had something to do with the law. When I asked them if they knew why I had been summoned here, they told me I already had been told the reason earlier and that I didn't need to ask them about it.

After we had talked a short while, I saw  someone else standing not far from us. I recognized the man as Marlon Brando, and I flew over to him. Instead of landing next to him, I simply picked him up in my arms and began flying with him. As I flew along with Brando in my arms, I knew other people below were watching me, but I concentrated on Brando. I began to remember that I had once before been here in this world, and that I had met Brando on the previous occasion. But the last time I had been here, I had been much weaker. I was now aware that my powers had considerably increased since the last time I had been here.

Brando himself was somewhat of a reprobate. I was aware he had many natural gifts, but he hadn't been using his gifts wisely. He himself was also aware of this fact. As we flew along, I said to him, "You have so many gifts."

Finally, I lightly touched down and put Brando back on the ground.

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