Dream of: 30 August 1999 "Rising Water"

While walking down a street, I had run into Leland, and had begun walking with him toward the building where his law office was located. I was glad to see him again, and I animatedly began talking about the internet, and how I had discovered a great way to find legal clients on the net. I told him the possibilities were tremendous, and besides the method I had just discovered, I knew of several other ways to obtain clients. After I finished telling him of my discoveries, I added that I myself was not presently using the internet to find legal clients, and that in fact I wasn't practicing law at all right now. I was unsure he would understand my present inactivity, but I thought to myself that sometimes it was best to do nothing, as I was presently doing. Some of the most productive people in life often had periods of inactivity, such as I was having, to better survey all their possibilities.

We continued walking into the building and we finally reached Leland's office. His wife Susan was sitting in her accustomed place at her desk, and I reflected how that Leland had never hired a secretary, but had always depended on his wife to run his office.

I would have stayed and talked with them for a while, but they seemed in a hurry to go somewhere, so I walked back out into the hallway, and I began walking up some stairs to leave. I had only walked up a few steps when I turned back around, and noticed some water seeping into the building and already covering several centimeters at the bottom of the stairs behind me. I had been somewhat aware of the water before, but I hadn't paid much attention to it. Now, however, I realized the water was rising rapidly, and that Leland's office would probably be flooded. Thinking that Leland probably needed some help in moving his office furniture, I hurried back down the stairs and back into Leland's office.

By now the Leland and Susan were also aware of the rising water, which was about 10 centimeters high in their office, and they were moving the furniture around. They didn't seem terribly concerned, and they told me they were leaving, and that I didn't need to worry about it. However, I noticed several cardboard boxes sitting in the water, and I told the Leland and Susan the boxes should be moved. Leland and Susan told me to do whatever I liked, but that they had to leave, and they walked on out the door.

I quickly headed toward one box filled with comic books. I figured the books belonged to the Leland's and Susan's son, Jay. I thought the books would be already ruined, but when I picked up the box, I saw that the water hadn't yet seeped into it, and that the comics were still in good shape. After I had set the box aside, I turned to a box of toys. As I started looking through the box, I suddenly realized these were my toys, toys from my childhood which I thought I had lost long ago. I must have left them here.

Most of the toys were only parts of toys. I noticed the black nose of a Mr. Potato Head and the yellow body of a plastic model car. Finally I saw the monster-like body of a figure which fit into another type of plastic model, something I used to call "wacky racers." These type of monster models were especially dear to me, and I was happy to see them after all these years. I definitely needed to protect these toys from the rising water.

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