Dream of: 27 August 1999 "In Need Of Help"

I was walking along the hallway of a school which resembled Grant Junior High School. Although doors to classrooms lined the walls on both sides, I seemed to be in a basement level, and I was headed toward the up-stairs at the end of the hall. Just before I reached the stairs and started climbing up, I passed a girl on my left using a pay phone. I stepped on the stairs, climbed a couple, then stopped in my tracks. I turned, looked back at the girl, and asked, " Debi?"

When she looked back at me, I stared into her face, trying to discern whether this could really be my ninth grade sweetheart, Debi. It had been so long since I had seen her, and although she still looked fairly young, the years obviously hadn't been kind to her. She looked back at me and asked, "Steve?"

It was Debi! But even though she recognized me, she didn't seem enthusiastic about this chance encounter, and only seemed concerned with completing her telephone call. I quickly saw that she was in some distress. Looking at her more closely, I could see that something was wrong with one of her legs. She was wearing a light-colored print dress which fell just below her knees; but one of her legs wasn't visible, and I had the impression it had been badly injured in an accident. Clearly she was having trouble walking; finally, I noticed that she was using a wooden cane.

She hardly paid me any mind. Nevertheless, I was intrigued by seeing her again, and I stepped closer to her. I quickly surmised that she was having difficulty using the pay phone, and I tried to help her. I gathered together some coins which she had laid on the small counter in front of the phone; apparently she didn't have enough money to make the call. But then I noticed some coins in the return slot of the phone, and I gathered them. I didn't think those coins were hers, and I thought to myself that I would probably keep any that she didn't use for her call. But my attention was aimed at simply helping her complete her call. She certainly seemed to need the help.

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