Dream of: 20 August 1999 "Sherlock Holmes"

While Carolina and I were visiting Portsmouth, we met with my sister, and the three of us went to visit a big old house which my father had recently bought. The previous owner of the house had left quite a few things inside, and I was interested in seeing if I could find anything of value. My sister mentioned that when my father had bought the house he had also been appointed "conservator" of everything inside the house; she was therefore unsure we could take anything out of the house. I told her if our father were conservator, he should be able to do whatever he wanted with the contents.

As the three of us walked through the cavernous rooms, we stopped in a room with one wall covered with wooden shelves and old wooden drawers. I was immediately drawn to the drawers and began opening them and looking at the contents. I was disappointed to find the drawers filled with faded beige cards, something like old card files from a library. At first I thought the cards should just be thrown out, but then I began thinking perhaps the cards had some historical value and should be preserved. Suddenly, when I saw my sister had picked up and begun talking on a phone, I realized what the cards were. I heard my sister gruffly ask the woman on the phone if the woman could send $30 to my sister right now. I thought I heard the woman say she could send the money. I slowly realized the cards represented overdue accounts which people still owed to the previous owners of this house. Apparently the previous owners had conducted a business out of the house, and had kept their records here. When my sister had seen the cards, she had obviously decided to try to collect the overdue accounts. The idea of my sister's trying to collect the money seemed a little strange to me; but she appeared to be having some success.

While my sister continued talking on the phone, Carolina and I sat down on the couch. As we lingered, my imagination went to work, and I wondered what sex with both Carolina and my sister at the same time would be like. I would willingly indulge, but I doubted they would.

Finally I stood and again walked over to the expertly constructed wooden drawers. Maybe the drawers could be removed from the wall and used in something else. I walked through a door next to the wall of shelves and discovered another room directly behind the wall of shelves. I concluded the wall of shelves between the two rooms could be removed with a little work.

I walked back into the room with the shelves and began pulling open the rest of the drawers. In the last drawer were four clear glass cups with the word "Arby's" printed on the side. Each cup was shaped like the face of man with a cap on his head, the kind of hat which Sherlock Holmes wore. I picked up one cup and said, "I found something for me." I immediately recognized the cups as some kind of give-away items from Arby's Restaurant. My sister and Carolina probably thought the cups were mere junk; but I liked this sort of thing and I would like to keep them. Surely my sister wouldn't mind if I took them.

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