Dream of: 17 August 1999 "Making Movies"

Louise (about 25 years old) and I were walking along Eighth Street in Portsmouth, about half way between Portsmouth High School and the Gay Street House. She was all smiles and in an exceptionally friendly mood. I was also feeling good.

I was showing her a box of photographs which I had taken. I was particularly proud of the way I had arranged the photos. I pulled out a piece of paper on which I had neatly categorized the photos so I was able to immediately find any photo for which I was searching. I seemed particularly talented in the art of categorization, and I hoped Louise would be impressed by what I had done.

Whether she was impressed or not, she wanted to borrow the box of photos. I was reluctant to let her have the photos since I didn't know when I would see her again. However, she was being so nice, I finally relented and turned the box over to her.

She quickly disappeared with the pictures, leaving me to my thoughts. I was still focused on the pictures, still thinking about the neat way I had arranged them. I recalled I had somewhere stored a large collection of pictures which I had cut out for collages. If I could arrange all my collage pictures as expertly as I had arranged my photos, I would quickly be able to find any collage picture I wanted. I had intended to arrange the collage pictures according to categories long ago, but until now I had failed to do so. Now, however, I felt inspired to arrange the pictures. I would separate the pictures into different groups. For example, I would pull out all the pictures of angels and group them together in one group.

My thoughts carried me even farther. I wasn't merely interested in arranging pictures. What I really wanted to do was make movies. I was sure that just as I had a skill for categorizing pictures, I could develop a skill for making movies. True, I was rather old to start trying to break into the film business. But I wasn't too old. There were so many different tasks which I could take up. I might be an editor or a camera man.

I wondered if I should go back to film school to get some training. The advantage would be that I would meet other people also involved in film-making. I realized that making a film would require working together with many different people, that film-making wasn't something which I could accomplish alone. I was used to working by myself, but I thought I should now work with someone else on a project. I could see the advantages of collaboration.

However, I doubted my return to school would be necessary. Instead of paying a school for tuition, I would be better off to simply use the money to buy the necessary equipment. Surely if I owned the right equipment, more people would want to work with me. I figured if I would simply concentrate for one year on learning to use the equipment, I would be ready.

I wondered what Louise would think when she learned I was making movies. She would probably be surprised. I was sure she had wondered what I would finally end up doing with my life. If I did this, she would have her answer. I liked the idea.

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