Dream of: 10 August 1999 "Battlefield"

I was standing in the middle of a battlefield. But instead of with soldiers, the field was strewn with thousands of small toys. As I looked around me in amazement, trying to comprehend what I saw, four space ships swooped toward me, down from the sky, each ship a different color. When I suddenly realized what the ships were, I hollered out, "Power Rangers!" The ships landed not far from me, and then two more ships swooped in and joined them.

As I stared at the ships, I noticed a man walking toward me Dick Tracy, exactly as he had looked in the movie when he had been played by Warren Beatty. Yet he didn't look real, rather imaginary, composed of dull pastel colors, even his face. Nevertheless, he spoke to me. He wanted to know why I was here and whether I wanted to leave. I told him I didn't care whether I stayed or left. To myself, I thought it really didn't matter what I did. Nothing much seemed to matter. I said, "I don't care because I'm here. I don't care to get back."

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