Dream of: 07 August 1999 "Scanner"

I had gone to visit my great-uncle Curt and his wife, my great-aunt Beulah, at their home; the three of us were sitting in their neat and comfortable dining room. Both Curt and Beulah looked as if they were probably in their mid 50s. As we talked, Curt pulled out a black and white picture which he had taken of another boy when he (Curt) had been a boy. After looking at the picture and laying it back down, I told them that I had enjoyed the visit, and that I needed to leave. Suddenly I had an idea. I stopped and told Curt and Beulah I would like to bring my computer and my scanner to their house and scan all their photos into my computer. When I asked them if that would be all right with them, they seemed to think it would be a wonderful idea. I almost said I needed to make copies of the photos now, while Curt's memory was still good and he could still remember the names of the people in the photos (I sensed his memory was starting to fade), but I thought saying such a thing would be impolite, so I didn't.

Now that I had the equipment to scan the photos, I realized I could vastly increase my store of pictures. Curt and Beulah probably had many old pictures of which I would like to make copies. Excited, I thought I should begin the next day, Sunday. I asked them if they would be home the next day, and they said they would.

As I again prepared to leave, Beulah (who seemed more like my great aunt Jane than Beulah) pulled out some food and asked me if I would drop it off for her somewhere. She showed me two pies, some cookies, and some other food. Apparently she had been running some kind of business which sold food, but she was now turning the business over to someone else, and she wanted to know if I would drop off this food to that person. The food looked delicious. I hoped when I dropped it off, I might be given some. I doubted if I would buy that kind of food, though. It looked too expensive for me.

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