Dream of: 05 August 1999 "Dragon In The Tunnel"

Randy Ramey and Mike Walls (two friends from my late teens) had ridden to Columbus with me in a truck which I had driven. After renting a motel room, we all three went to a stadium where some event was supposed to take place in an arena. As soon as we entered, however, we became separated, and instead, I ran into someone else I knew, one of my step-cousins, a son of my step-uncle Ivan.

As my step-cousin and I began talking, I soon  realized he was rather religiously inclined. He was even carrying a small box which he opened to show me some religious books inside. I noticed a small pocket-sized copy of the New Testament, as well as a pocket-sized copy of the Koran. Although he had the Koran with him, he didn't seem to know much about it, and he asked me if the Koran was a book in and of itself, or if it was a book which was part of another larger book. I knew I was fairly knowledgeable about the Koran, but I was unsure of the answer to his question.

Instead of answering his question, I asked him if he were familiar with a king mentioned in the Koran, a king by the name of "Orrin." He indicated that he had heard the name, but that he was unsure of exactly who Orrin was.

I asked him if he had heard the story of "the tunnel" and how Orrin had traveled through the tunnel. I then inquired of my cousin whether he knew the significance of the tunnel. I myself recalled the story, how Orrin had traveled through a dark tunnel, and had finally come out to a resplendent light on the other side. I thought the tunnel and the light had some kind of metaphorical significance, but I had never figured out exactly what they signified.

 I also asked my cousin if he had ever read the Book of Mormon. I knew I had read most of the book, and had found it, like the Koran, to be a complicated and intriguing work. I wondered if my cousin would be impressed to know I was also knowledgeable about the Book of Mormon.

 I returned to the story of Orrin, and mentioned that while Orrin had been in the tunnel, he had also met a dragon which he had been forced to fight and overcome. Once again, I knew the dragon had some kind of metaphorical significance, but I didn't know what the significance was.

A black-haired woman, probably 20-25 years old, who looked somewhat Indian (from India) was standing nearby, listening to us. She was shorter than I by about a head. Although she also was somehow apparently distantly related to me, she was obviously attracted to me. She seemed to be impressed by the way I had been talking about the Koran and about Orrin. I was also attracted to her. She drew closer and closer to me, until finally we had put our arms around each other and began moving together as if we were dancing. I wondered what her name was. I had the vague notion that I had heard someone call her "Wanda," but I was unsure of that. At one point she asked me if I had ever put my hand on a man. Clearly she wanted to know if I had any homosexual leanings. I laughed and replied, no, that I had never put my hand on a man unless I was trying to choke him for some reason. She seemed satisfied with my answer, and I could tell she was even more attracted to me.

However, I suddenly had a problem – I recalled that I was already married, and I had a wife somewhere. I thought I should tell the woman I was married. Maybe she would stay with me even if she knew. But I was afraid she would back away, and I didn't want to lose this glowing feeling which I was having with her. So instead of telling her about my wife, I simply pulled her closer to me and said nothing.

As I held her in my arms, the word "lithe" kept going through my mind. I reflected that I hardly ever used this word, and I wasn't even sure I knew how to use it correctly. Nevertheless, I finally told the woman that she was "so lithe." She seemed to like what I had said. I thought I should tell her more about myself. She would probably be impressed to hear that I was an attorney, but I really didn't want to go into detail about describing myself to her.

Suddenly, without warning, the event which had been taking place in the arena came to an end, and in the massive exodus of people from the stadium, the woman was swept away from me. As I starred at the dispersing crowd, I realized I didn't even know the name of this fantastic creature. As I was also pushed by the throng out of the stadium, I feared I would never see the woman again.

Standing outside, I began to realize that it was cold and wet, that I was tramping in slush, and that my feet were soaked. As I sloshed along, I realized my truck was parked on the other side of this massive stadium. I also realized I didn't even have the key to the truck. I then remembered Walls and Ramey, wondered what had happened to them, and hollered for Ramey.

When no one answered, I forged on, headed toward the other side of the stadium. But what would I do when I reached the truck, if I had no key? I was miles from the motel. Depressing. An ugly situation, and I didn't know how I was going to get out of it.

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