Dream of: 03 August 1999 "Dividing Assets"

Several oriental women, all friends of Carolina's, were sitting in a room with me. All were young and attractive, with hair as black as deep space. I wasn't particularly drawn to them. I had met the women before, and generally when I saw them, I didn't have much to say to them. This time, however, one woman began talking with me about Carolina, asking me if I had known Carolina had been out with another man on the previous evening. I was stunned by this news. The woman went on to maliciously report Carolina would be seeing a different man later this evening. The women even told me the location where Carolina would be meeting the man.

I left immediately, intent on reaching the spot where Carolina was supposed to meet the man. I wondered why Carolina's friend had told me about the men. Maybe the woman had a grudge against Carolina.

I made my way to where the woman told me I would find Carolina – a large room crowded with people, something like a conference room in a fancy hotel. I quickly found Carolina, who was obviously surprised to see me here. Carolina looked very pretty (about 20 years old), dressed in a becoming black and white dress. I rather forcefully grabbed her by the arm, pulled her over to the side, and told her I knew she had been out with another man the night before. I knew that she hadn't had any physical contact with the man, and that she and the man had only talked. Nevertheless, I felt betrayed that she would have seen the man without telling me.

More importantly, I told her I knew of her plans to see yet another man today. Carolina didn't deny anything. She seemed unconcerned with what I thought, and she certainly didn't express any intention of changing her plans to see the other man today. Instead, she seemed as if she had decided to start leading a life independent of me, and as if she were no longer going listen to what I had to say.

I was hurt and angry. At the same time, I felt somewhat relieved. I viewed this as an opportunity to be independent myself, to be free of Carolina. Taking advantage of the moment, I blurted out that I wasn't going to stand for this kind of thing, and that I would prepare the divorce papers tomorrow. Carolina still seemed unconcerned. She seemed to be implying that if I wanted a divorce, it was fine with her.

I let her go and she walked back into the crowd of people. I really didn't want a divorce, but now I might have to go through with it. I certainly wasn't going to stay with her if she were seeing other men. A divorce should be fairly easy to obtain – except for dividing up the property. We had about $200,000 in assets, a sizeable part of which consisted of a large farm which we owned. I would hate to divide the farm. It occurred to me that I might simply be able to buy Carolina out. Maybe I could borrow $100,000 from my father and pay off Carolina with that. Then I wouldn't have to split the farm with her. I would only have to repay my father. It seemed possible.

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