Dream of: 29 July 1999 "Bear Attack"

I was visiting a fellow at a large wooden house in the country where his family apparently lived. Black-haired, he looked Jewish, and like I, appeared to be in his early 20s. He had many brothers in the house, and it soon became apparent the brothers were going to force the fellow to leave. I didn't understand why the fellow had to leave, and I was disappointed, because I liked the house. Nevertheless, he and I walked outside.

My attention was drawn to an extremely beautiful butterfly which had five or six different colors in its design, and I made a comment to the fellow about the "million dollar butterfly." The fellow immediately raced back into the house to grab his camera to take a picture of the butterfly. Unfortunately, while the fellow was in the house, a bird swooped down and ate the butterfly. When the fellow returned I commented about the loss of the butterfly worth a million dollars.

With a note of alarm, the fellow told me to jump into the car, a light blue Cadillac sitting near us. I suddenly saw what the fellow was worried about – a huge black bear, almost half as big as the Cadillac, was bearing down on us. I quickly jumped into the car, just as the bear began a ferocious attack on the car. Instead of jumping in the car with me, the fellow stayed outside, trying to take a picture of the bear.

The assault by the bear alarmed me. When I realized the car was running, I thought I could simply get behind the wheel and drive away. But instead, I crouched down in the back seat, half on the floor, half on the seat, hoping the bear wouldn't be able to break into the car.

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