Dream of: 28 July 1999 "In The Spider's Web"

Late at night, I was walking around the back yard of a man's house. I was  disgusted with what I saw: junk sitting around everywhere and causing the yard to be a  blight on the community. Desirous of teaching the man a lesson, I decided the best way to accomplish my desire would be to take something from the yard. When I looked around, all I could see was worthless junk. Finally, lying next to a couple whiskey bottles, I spotted seven or eight pretty pink marbles, and a couple quarters.  I snatched up the marbles and quarters and headed out of the yard.

On the way out, I almost ran into a spider web harboring a large yellow-bodied spider with long black legs.

As I reached the street beside the yard, I wondered what I would say if I were stopped by the police, and they asked me where I had procured the marbles. I didn't have a good story in mind, and I was uncertain what I would answer.

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