Dream of: 25 July 1999 "Fence Without Sides"

I was in one of the rooms of the Gallia County Farmhouse, a room which seemed particularly large, roughly five meters by five meters. I was standing right at the center of the room, on top of the wood floor, where I had built a very peculiar structure: a fence (without any sides), about 15 centimeters square and about 30 centimeters tall. The fence was peculiar because, even without sides, it was able to hold water. I had already filled the enclosure up with water, and was somewhat amazed that the water stayed in place, even though there was nothing visible to hold the water.

As I marveled over my accomplishment, three feline animals (something like cheetahs or leopards) came marching into the room. I watched as two of the cats stuck their muzzles into the water.

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