Dream of: 21 July 1999 "Trapped By Porn"

I was in Portsmouth, in a big house close to the city library. I was waiting to meet some people, and as I lingered, I found a pair of old four-wheel roller skates. Thinking I might as well try out the skates while I waited, I put them on, walked outside, and started skating around on the sidewalk. Although the old metal skates were a bit rickety, I was surprised at how well I could skate with them, especially since I was used to roller blades. Soon I was speeding along the sidewalk and people began watching me, I was so good.

As I skated up to the library and onto the library grounds, I headed off the sidewalk and onto a ramp which came to an abrupt end about two meters off the ground. I sped off the end of the ramp and began slowly flying in the air. I grabbed a branch from a nearby tree to stabilize myself in the air as I gently floated toward the ground. Finally I lightly touched down on the sidewalk and continued skating along. I was still moving rather fast, and I grabbed a metal bar which ran along the sidewalk to steady myself. But basically I was having no problem.

When I reached the end of the block, I found myself in front of Richard's News, the old magazine store which had been there as long as I could remember. I decided to go inside and look around. A man was standing at the counter and quite a few other people were milling around the store. The place seemed to have been converted into a second-hand store, and I remembered I had recently been in here and found a stack of comic books in the back. I walked over to the shelf where I had seen the comic books before, but I couldn't find them. However, I saw one boy who had a large batch of comics, and I wondered where he had found them.

I also saw a set of small toys on the shelf. The toys formed a set of figures based on movie monster themes. One of them looked like Godzilla. Another resembled King Kong. The toys interested me, but I was still more interested in the comic books.

I headed toward the back of the store where I  thought I might be able to find the comics. On the way, I noticed some people reading some nudie magazines from one of the racks. I reflected that these magazines held no allure for me. I noticed a rather attractive girl, in a made-up sort of way (probably 17-18 years old) reading one of the nudie magazines. She had a cigarette in her mouth. It seemed strange to see a female looking at a nudie magazine. I wondered what it must be like for her.

As I walked past her, I felt a distinct feeling of energy within me. I hadn't yet mastered this particular form of energy, but it was as if I had the power to thrust long tentacle-like wisps of energy out of my body. If I wanted to, I thought I could even use the tentacles to rip the cigarette out of the girl's mouth and throw it down on the ground.

I didn't try to do any such thing. But I did realize I had passed some kind of milestone. I was no longer captivated by the naked pictures in nudie magazines. At one time I had been. Now that I had freed myself of that enslavement, I felt a surge of power within me. I could tap onto this power at will. Thus I was tempted to use the power as a demonstration on the girl, to help her. Obviously she was still trapped by pornography.

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