Dream of: 20 July 1999 "Former Acquaintances"

Several people and I were riding in a car in mountainous country, past a few houses and through the woods. When we passed some animals, I could hardly believe what I had seen and I cried out, "Moose!" We stopped the car, looked behind us, and saw three or four splendidly magnificent moose with huge antlers standing on the road. They appeared to be angry because we were invading their territory. One even placed its forelegs on the back of the car in a threatening manner, as if it were going to attack us.

Wanting to leave the area, we once again began driving. At the same time, we seemed to be playing some kind of game, and I was able to press different buttons in order to take us to various locations. I pushed one of the buttons, and suddenly, all of us were standing inside a room.

The people with me seemed to be former acquaintances, but I couldn't really remember who they were. One of them, a blonde-haired woman, was standing right next to me. She looked as if she were about 20 years old, and for a moment I thought she might be my old girlfriend, Birdie. But I then realized she wasn't Birdie. Nevertheless, since she seemed willing, I put my arms around her, pulled her close to me, and began kissing her. We kissed passionately for several minutes, then broke off and stepped back from each other, still face to face. However, I couldn't make out her features because she had so much hair hanging in her face. It occurred to me she might be Mary Atherton's sister, Annette. But when she pulled her hair back from her face, I suddenly recognized her as someone I used to know in high school. When I had known her before, her hair had been black instead of blonde, so I had to think hard before I could remember her name, but finally I blurted out, "I know who you are – Kathy Thompson! Aren't you?"

It was a name I hadn't heard in many years. Yet I felt sure it was correct.

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