Dream of: 19 July 1999 "The Roiling Water"

I was walking around a crowded area which appeared to be a college campus, hollering for Carolina who had disappeared in the crowd. When she finally stepped out of some nearby shadows, I became rather angry because she obviously had heard me hollering and had simply ignored me. I told her I didn't like it when she did that. She continued ignoring me, walking ahead of me. I ran after her, caught up with her and pulled my fist back as if I were going to hit her. I had no intention of actually hitting her, and was I just making a big show, but I told her if she did that again, I would knock one of her teeth out. Again she walked off, completely ignoring me.

It was slightly raining. We kept walking through the damp mist until we reached the top of a high mountain. From here we needed to descend a small narrow path which trailed almost straight down to the bottom of the mountain. To my amazement, Carolina sat down at the top of the muddy path and began sliding through the mud straight down the side of the mountain. I also sat down and likewise began sliding down the path. Soon other people on the mountain top joined in and also began sliding.

Amidst it all, I was rather worried, thinking this was unsafe for all of us to be sliding down the mountain this way. When I voiced my concerns, no one paid any attention to me. As we slid along, I even asked a fellow if he knew where the path ended, and he replied, no.

Suddenly down below I saw we were headed straight toward a huge muddy river. The sight was terrible, the biggest rapids I had ever seen. I hollered out to the others, calling it "the roiling water." I managed to pull myself off the path into what seemed like a jungle, but the others, including Carolina continued sliding toward the muddy roiling water. In my mind I could imagine if they hit the water, it would pull them under and they would all be drowned. There was nothing I could do for them. I could only save myself at this point. I could only imagine all the others hitting the water and being pulled under.

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