Dream of: 18 July 1999 (2) "Dinosaur"

I was in one of the upstairs rooms of the Gallia County Farmhouse (where I had been living), looking at a small table which I owned. I had previously placed the table (which had gold-colored metal legs and a plate glass top) in storage; but someone had carried the table upstairs there for me, and now I wondered where I could place it. Maybe I could set it near one of the windows, where people could sit and look outside. But it didn't look as if the table would fit well there. Maybe I could set it outside on the upstairs deck; I walked toward the upstairs door to see how the table would look out on the deck.

Just as I reached the door, however, I looked outside, and saw something moving in the large field beside the House. Looking more intently, I saw the object was a black tire being blown through the field by the wind. I was surprised the wind would be so strong as to move a tire.

Something else was standing in the field, something gray with white specks. When the object began moving, it looked like a large lizard-like creature with legs. Finally I concluded the animal was actually some kind of dinosaur.

Since I knew my father and another man were also upstairs in the next room, I hollered for my father to hurry and come look. I myself stepped out onto the upstairs deck to get a closer look. The animal was enormous – it had huge flat plates sticking out from its back (it looked like a stegosaurus, but I confusedly thought it was a brontosaurus). It was rapidly headed toward a wooded area; I knew it was going to disappear and that my father wouldn't see it if he didn't come immediately. I ran back into the house and screamed to my father, "There's a brontosaurs out back! He's almost gone! Damn it, where are you!"

I ran back out and looked toward the woods, which the animal had almost reached. Several other animals were also near the woods, including a couple lions, as if from a scene out of Africa. Quite an amazing sight. I was most concerned that the dinosaur, which had almost reached the wooded area, would disappear before my father came. I desperately wanted him to see this fantastic sight.

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