Dream of: 17 July 1999 "Little Red Wagon"

About two o'clock in the morning I arrived at the Ressinger House. Since it was so late, I was extremely tired and wanted to go to sleep as fast as I could. But as soon as I made my way to a bedroom and  lay down, I began hearing a loud persistent squeaky noise outside. With my eyes closed, after listening to the noise for a while, I finally realized what the noise was: Donna was outside, walking back and forth on one side and the front of the House, pulling a little red wagon with squeaky wheels. Donna was well aware the wagon had squeaky wheels, and she was making the noise on purpose because she wanted to see me.

I also wanted to see Donna, but I simply didn't want to see her right now. I was simply too tired. Finally I opened my eyes. I had left the light on in the room so I could see all around me. I didn't notice any furniture in the room, but I did take note of the dull maroon walls. I figured Donna could also see from outside that the light was still on, so I reached over and flipped it off. I knew I was being rude to simply turn of the lights like that, but I was simply too tired to get up at this time in the morning.

I lay back down and shut my eyes again. I could still hear the noise outside, but it sounded as if it were beginning to diminish.

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