Dream of: 14 July 1999 "Unaccounted-For Time"

I was watching a scene in the Portsmouth police station. Two men were sitting on opposite sides of a desk. One was a plain-clothes officer, while the other was a suspect in a criminal investigation. As the officer questioned the suspect, the officer began showing a film clip which showed the recent movements of the suspect. Apparently the police had a video device which had been attached to the car of the suspect and which had recorded all the suspect's recent movements. Unfortunately for the police, however, in this particular case, the suspect hadn't committed any incriminating acts while being monitored.

I was fascinated by the whole scenario, especially by the idea of monitoring people with video devices, and suddenly it occurred to me that this was a type of work which I could do. Being an attorney, I was definitely over-qualified for this type of job, but sitting in a police station and interrogating suspects might be interesting. I wasn't working anywhere at the moment, and doing something to keep myself occupied might be a good idea. I recalled Carolina had mentioned having unaccounted-for time periods on a resume didn't look good. Carolina herself always had some kind of job to fit into every time period on her resume. I wasn't particularly worried about my resume. I thought to myself that I didn't even have a resume, that I had never bothered to make one. It was a little late in life to start trying to put one together now.

Nevertheless, the idea of working here in Portsmouth in the police station appealed to me, and when the two men finally stood up and separated, I walked over to the police officer to introduce myself. He was a burly man (probably in his 50s) wearing a long gray and white specked coat. As soon as I stepped up to him, I realized he was an Hispanic man whom I had met somewhere before. He also recognized me, and soon I realized his name was Gonzalo, and that he had once been introduced to me by Carolina. He was very friendly and when I mentioned to him that I might be interested in doing the type of interviews which he had just been conducting, he expressed unreserved agreement. He told me he would be able to help me get the job. I was satisfied. I knew this wasn't the type of job I would keep long; but it would be interesting for a short while.

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