Dream of: 10 July 1999 "Mystical Connection To A Church"

My mother (who also seemed somewhat like my wife Carolina) and I were riding around Paris in a car which she was driving. A couple other fellows were also in the car with us. It was very late at night and the streets were deserted. As we rode through the tantalizing streets, I wished my mother would move to Paris and live there with me. She seemed so much more alive and vivacious when she was in this enticing city. Once before, when she and I had been in Paris together, I had noticed this.

Suddenly, just ahead of us, looming in the  darkness, as if floating in the sky, appeared a gigantic church – a cathedral – like nothing I had ever seen before. Staring at the imposing cathedral, I thought I recognized it as Notre Dame. My mother distracted me for a moment, asking me if I wanted to stop; and when I looked back up at the cathedral, it had disappeared. I noticed, however, another, much smaller, less formidable cathedral, directly to our right; finally I realized the smaller cathedral actually was Notre Dame. I couldn't explain how I had seen the other gigantic cathedral floating in the sky, but I knew Notre Dame had a special importance for me. I recalled having had similar experiences in the past. It seemed as if I had some mystical connection to the cathedral, and every time I had seen it, I had undergone a strong mystical experience.

Again my mother asked me if I wanted to stop and walk inside the cathedral. I asked her if the cathedral was open this late at night, and she replied it was. When I finally told her I would like to go in, she stopped the car, and along with the other two fellows and me, she stepped out of the car and began walking across the street. As we did so, I noticed something lying in the street, and I picked it up. It was a cellophane bag filled with an assortment of objects. I looked inside and told my companions the bag was stuffed with fast food toys. I wasn't interested in the toys, but I also noticed quite a bit of foreign paper money which did interest me.

Still carrying the bag, I walked toward the cathedral. At the door waited a box for donations, but I told the others it wasn't necessary to give any donations, and so without putting anything into the box, we all walked inside. As soon as we had entered, I became separated from the others. I walked over to a section of pews, sat down alone, and continued to look at the money. I thought I might have to tear the bag open, because it was hard to see the money. As I was concentrating on the money, a fellow walked up in front of me and spoke to me in a friendly way. However, when a second smaller fellow walked up behind me, I realized the two were going to try to rob me; and they proceeded to do just that. Before I could react, they forcefully ripped the bag away from me.

They raced off. It took me a moment  to recover my senses. When I did so, I began chasing them. At the same time I hollered out, "Doug! Doug!" (which I thought was the name of one of the fellows who had come to the church with my mother and me). I also hollered out "Get the police! Get the police!" The two thieves disappeared into the crowd of people in the church, and I thought I had lost them. Nevertheless, I kept searching until finally I spotted them again, sitting on some pews, counting the money. When they saw me rushing toward them, the fellow holding the money dropped it on the ground, trying to hide it under the pew. I had seen what had happened and when I reached the fellow, I told him to pick up the money and hand it to me. He did so, but he only picked up and gave me half the money; the other half was still lying on the ground. As soon as I bent down and picked up the rest of the money, the fellow tried to stop me; we began to scuffle. He quickly gave up, left me with my money, and hurried off with his friend.

Several people had gathered around and were watching me. As I held the money in my hand and counted it, I blurted out, "The irony of this is that I found this money."

Indeed, the whole episode seemed hard to believe. I had gone through all this effort for something I had only found just a short time before. What seemed most important to me, however, was that I now had the money. It was mine.

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