Dream of: 08 July 1999 "Splitting Up"

I was walking through a park, thinking Carolina and I had broken up. I finally lay down in a grassy area and began contemplating what I would do now that Carolina would no longer be with me. My attention was drawn to a woman and her two daughters, not far from me. The girls (probably 3-4 years old) were swinging on a swing set, while some Dalmatian puppies ran around near them. Seeing the cute little puppies made me remember my own two Dalmatians, Picasso and Chaucer.

Both girls left the swing set and walked up behind me, very close to me. Finally one girl reached around from behind me and put her hands over my eyes so I couldn't see. Obviously the girls wanted to play. I thought to myself how dangerous it was for the mother to allow the girls to walk up to a complete stranger like this. For all they knew, I could be a murderer.

I liked the looks of the mother. She was about 30 years old and very attractive. I thought I might like to get to know her and I considered approaching her. I finally stood up and began walking toward her just as she was about to leave the park. We didn't leave together, but we both walked out of the park at the same time.

I was living near the park in a small apartment which Carolina and I had rented, and from which Carolina had moved out the day before. As soon as I reached the apartment, I opened up the sliding glass door and stepped inside. I looked back out at the woman walking on the sidewalk, now accompanied by a second woman, and I thought I saw her looking in my direction, taking note of the apartment which I had entered. She obviously seemed interested in me. The two women were so close to me, I could hear the new companion call the woman "Deborah." Since I was still unsure how I might meet the woman, I thought I might put a sign in the window of my apartment which said, "Hi, Deborah."

When I turned back around to the apartment, I noticed a mirror and began looking at myself. I was surprised by how good I looked. My face was very young, as if I were around 25 years old. I now understood better why the woman had seemed interested in me. Most striking about my appearance was my coal-black hair, sticking straight out all over, partially stiff, partially soaked with mousse, like a punker. I stood several minutes, admiring myself in the mirror.

Finally I turned and walked into another room of the apartment, where a light had been left on, and where I was surprised to find Carolina. However, Carolina didn't look like herself -- she looked exactly like Louise (about 25 years old).

She was quite angry. She wanted to know why I hadn't come straight back to her. I tried to explain that I hadn't known she was here, that I had thought she had left. I wasn't even sure why she was here, but I finally I recalled she and I still had quite a bit of business to take care of. We still needed to divide up all our property. I was beginning to realize the division of the property would be much more complicated than I had originally anticipated. In addition to all the personal property, we would have to divide up the various bank accounts. We would also have to split the credit cards, with her taking hers and me taking mine. Those should equal out and were no big deal. However, the entire process was going to be worrisome and complicated.

I walked over to a table to sit down. I thought I also needed to write down a budget, to determine how much money I spent every month. I didn't even know. I would need to calculate such items as the utilities and the cable television. If I were going to be living alone, I needed to know how much it was going to cost.

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