Dream of: 05 July 1999 (2) "Galactus"

 I was watching an extremely vivid and clear scene. Standing in front of me, to my left, was the Marvel Comics character, Galactus. To my right, kneeling on one knee in front of Galactus, was the character, the Silver Surfer. The figures didn't seem like comic characters to me, but appeared to be alive.

The Silver Surfer was explaining to Galactus that he (the Silver Surfer) had lost his will to live. The Surfer no longer had the desire to do anything. He simply wanted to be left alone.

Galactus expressed his immediate disapproval. He began explaining to the Surfer that the Surfer had a mission to accomplish in life, and that he couldn't abandon his destiny. In order to clarify what he was saying, Galactus told the Surfer that he (Galactus) would ask and answer four important questions.

Galactus began with the first question – where did the universe come from? Even before Galactus could give the answer, I saw the Surfer beginning to change his mind. Clearly the Surfer was weak and had lost his desire to continue struggling. But just as clearly, the Surfer was realizing he had a certain destiny he had to fulfill. He must continue the struggle.

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